Well now I went and did it. I went and created my own Podcast - who knew that was possible! Its been very exciting since this came about as a whim, a mere jestering thought but now it is here. I write this Blog today as this podcast officially launches. Everything happens for a reason. One of my old re-acquainted Junior High School friends that I had found again on Facebook, Sherrie, was graciousl enough to indulge and accompany me on this adventure.

My need or want, again, came out of not finding enough Canadian content on actual Ghost stories for Podcasts. More Specifically I know how haunted my hometown of Winnipeg and surrounding areas in Manitoba are and its a shame that no one has brought that to the world stage.

I want to know more, but more specially i’d like to know why. With so many paranormal stories that make up the landscape of where we live, it would interesting to dig deeper, if possible and find out why some of these hauntings have occurred; who lived there before? was someone murdered there? what tragic even happen here that this spirit didn’t’ want to leave? so many questions to unravel. We want to explore and share with the rest of the podcast universe on the enormity of this paranormal segment, right in our own back yard.

My co-audio Curator Sherrie and myself will discuss some well known hauntings and uncover some unsettling and yet mysterious occurrences that are currently happening in homes as well as public places in The City of Winnipeg and surrounding areas in the Province of Manitoba . I hope you join us as our weekly shows can be found on Spreaker, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play and Apple iPod just to name a few.

Warning: we swear a little bit as we record….joke around, have fun…..drink adult beverages and eat appetizers -the Best things in life! Please indulge us and if you have any stories you like to share or places to check out and investigate (not hunt - we don’t do that) please contact us at givinguptheghostpodcast@gmail.com

Remember to Live everyday like its your last…..BUt Never Give UP the Ghost!!!