The Paranormal in Winnipeg

In attempt to find answers to the age old question:

“What happens when you die? Does the Soul go on? What’s behind the veil? and Why do Spirits remain on this plain?”

Audio Curators

Jas and Sher are the Audio Curators of ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ Podcast set out to explore the strangest of occurrences that have happened in our fair city.

Winnipeg, MB - A city like no other - built on promise yet haunted by tragedy. In days that have gone by, the glory days, heralding Winnipeg as the gateway to the new Western Frontier - The Wild West if you will, lies mystery and an entire world that many in this day & age have completely forgotten.

They F***en’ Love History!


optimistic skeptics

Jas and Sher know EVERYTHING about Nothing and NOTHING about Everything. Each of our Audio Curators has had their own experiences with the unexplained. HOWEVER from that level of knowledge they understand and appreciate when others have had interactions with the paranormal and as a result remain - OPTIMISTIC SKEPTICS. They set out to find the truth and origin stories to local hauntings and re-tell those urban legends as well as host guests in the Pod Lounge who share their own stories and adventures with the Paranormal.

Its about energy

We are all ENERGY. We only get ONE life. Make the most of what you’re given and don’t take everything too seriously.

Saturday Night is alright for Podcasting as Jas and Sher snack, consume wobbly pops, converse about local Winnipeg Hauntings as they share their research and finding and have fun! Connect with them as they explore local paranormal phenomena as a New Podcast is released every week on Monday. Listen as they drink responsibly and swear like sailors…because everyone needs to……..

Live Everyday like its your last…..…….