Finally. It feels like forever that I've had this whole 'Branding' thing on the back burner. Man, that back burner is really, really piling up!!! 

So, I've taking a step into the future, moved over my 10 year old website to Squared Space. I have to say it is the most covenient and user friendly domain thingy to navigate (as you can tell by that last comment, I'm not too tech savvy) 

TA-DAH!!! Here we are ! I hope you enjoy my website and all the content it has to offer. 

I do have my original Blog for the offering through WordPress (99 existing blogs to date; some a little crazy, maniacal, funny and melancholy. Please check-out those links on my FB page)  however, being the social media whore that most companies are that sell the same product, Squared Space does not unfortunately allow me to connect to that site, or promote the link - c'est la vie!  That also applies to the 2 Novellas available for sale through Amazon / Kindle - although I make mention of them on my 'Portfolio' tab. They are easy to search for using my name, J. N. Flamand, just the same. 

Any constructive comments, feedback or general response are always encouraged. That's how I roll. Thanks for your time in reading my inaugural FIRST BLOG POST on my new and definitely improved website (I'm pretty proud of myself*cheeky*cheeky*) with more to come.

Happy New Year and always remember anything is possible if you ask yourself......

".....What if????" ......