Prey Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Prey Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Is honour more valuable then revenge? Does Good triumph over Evil? What about love, is there a fine line between a crush and obsession, bordering addiction? Can you tell the difference between Passion and compassion?
Stories of love, denial, revenge and possible damnation. Four tales that place everyday people in a precarious position to do the right thing and reach beyond their comfort zone. Sometimes, people lose their moral compass, it happens cause we are all human.
Read into the complex lives of four simple people fighting inner struggles in a very public world.

30 Years Ago
~ Offers a dilemma of timing and the perfect opportunity for an Orderly to decide whether or not it's their job to simply help an elderly patient or extol revenge, once they realize who the person is that they are exactly dealing with.

Devil May Care
~ When you have the world at your finger tips, you better make sure you don't have to sell your soul to the devil using an invisible bottle of gin.
Compromise comes in all forms as Bill McCall has to make an eternal decision.

Do You Remember Me?
~ Tess is planning the ultimate experience of her life - her Wedding Day.
The problem is, she never wanted the big fancy wedding and simply feels like she is wasting money in playing Wedding Planner.
But something more than 'Cold Feet' is at the heart of this obsession when she finds, by chance, 'who' she thinks she had always wanted.

~ Love and Lover's play a strange game of cat and mouse. When two people know each other on a sexual level, the stakes in the game changes when honesty is checked at the door.
Antonio was the player, but in this story he just gets played.

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